Jenny He
Founder and General Partner

I spent my entire career working closely with hundreds of founders on their positioning and communications strategy and I’ve been lucky enough to work with everyone from trailblazing first time founders to some of the most iconic founders of our lifetime. I started Position Ventures to help the next generation of industry changing founders tell their stories.

“When I started my new company, Jenny was the first investor I called. As a repeat founder, I've worked with a lot of great talent but Jenny stands out as someone who really knows how to work with founders to get things done. Jenny was able to provide invaluable support for our public launch.”

Justin Kan, Co-Founder of Twitch

“Jenny has been a gem of an investor. She is always willing to step in when it comes to her area of expertise and is super thoughtful and responsive. We deeply trust her advice and recommendations."

Hussein Fazal, Co-Founder & CEO Snapcommerce

“As a founder, I couldn't have asked for a better strategic partner for our company. Jenny was always available to help and her expertise in communications has been extremely helpful in positioning us for success and getting our first story out."

Nan Wang, Co-Founder & CEO Sleeper

“I would recommend Jenny to any founder that is lucky enough to work with her. She went out of her way to help us secure news coverage that moved the needle for recruiting, investor interest, and partnerships for our business.”

Jarah Euston, Co-Founder & CEO WorkWhile

"Jenny was an early believer in us and we’re thrilled to have brought her on board as an investor. Jenny has been one of the most uniquely value add investors for us. She’s been helpful with media training, press strategy, and internal communications. Her genuine passion for our success has significantly elevated our trajectory."

Sam Yang, Co-Founder Bloom

"Jenny is a hustler. She's exactly what an early stage founder needs- senior communications counsel and scrappy execution. Jenny helped position our business in a very crowded space."

Robin Chan, Founder & CEO Operator

"Jenny is one of the highest value investors on our cap table. She is thoughtful, decisive, and a true partner to our business. Jenny is someone who is always willing to work right alongside you just like a member of your team."

David Au-Yeung, Co-Founder Carity & Flipp